Australian Oxidized Paint?

Last Friday I went to a mixer thrown by UCLA’s student ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) chapter at the Sydney Harbour Paint Company showroom in West Hollywood. It’s a part of the La Cienega Design Quarter, where the Legends event I went to a couple of weeks ago was held, so it was fun to be back there. (The more time I can spend in that part of town, the better!)968219_10100486264773535_1987732867_o

 The Sydney Harbour Paint Company showroom provided us a room to socialize and drink a little wine in, and then they gave us a run down of their paint products and a did a short demonstration on one that I thought was pretty cool!


Everywhere else in the world the company is called Porter’s Original Paints, and originates in Australia and has family owned and operated since their inception. They make truly artisan paints (no mass production) and offer what sound to be incredibly durable paint in hundreds of colors and a huge variety of textures and finishes.


The room we were in was small but had very high ceilings and a sky light, and was striped with examples of some of their more interesting colors, textures, and finishes.


They also sell some wallpapers, which you can customize if you want to. So for example if you want this one patterned in a color other than blue, they can custom make it in the color you choose.


I also loved this wallpaper, black with gold beetles. I feel like it belongs on one wall of a huge dining room somewhere!


This was my favorite of their paint creations, and the one they demonstrated for us. This is Liquid Copper with Patina Green, and basically the way it works is that you paint the copper color on first, and then lightly coat it with a formula that oxidizes it, turning it green just like you see on old copper statues like the Statue of Liberty, or copper antiques. And just like those, the paint will even gradually change over time, looking different from one year to the next. I don’t know what I’m going to use it for yet, but I really want to try it out on something!


The board in the picture is what it looks like right after the top coat before oxidation has had a lot of time to happen. The light is a cheap ikea light that has been painted with the copper and patina coat.963095_10100486260327445_2113120595_o

What can you think of that would be a fun project for this paint? Ideas are welcome!

Wall Art for Any Space

Have you noticed the resurgence in wallpaper lately? I have! Wallpaper can add a fantastic flair to a room, especially when used wisely as an accent wall or even just as art for your space. The problem is it can be horrendous to remove later! (You’ve all heard the horror stories… I mean, it’s essentially just super-glued to your walls!)

Well thankfully if you want the look of wallpaper without nightmares about what will happen when your personal style changes and you want to switch it up, or worst yet having to take it all down when you move, there are lots of alternatives for a bold expression in your home without the mess. And this has been especially on my mind lately as I have embarked on one of these projects in our master bedroom at home!

Removable Wallpaper

I first heard of this innovative take on wallpaper on Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy (blogs worth following). This wallpaper is meant to be temporary, so you don’t have to worry about messy glues or damage to your walls. And there are some really beautiful, trendy designs out there for the taking! 

Circle & Pop by Chasing Paper

Chevron 2.0 (more colors available)

Chevron 2.0 by Chasing Paper

Ribbed & Ferm Living Ribbed Wallpaper from YLiving

Wall Decals

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to apply and adds a unique touch of art to your environment, wall decals can be a great option. You can find decals for everything from trees to animals to abstract patterns, multicolored or monotone. The something for just about everyone out there.

Dandelion Blowing in the Wind from Dali Decals

Bird wires wall decal and a bedroom

Bird Wires from Walls Need Love

Fun Zig Zag Bubbles from Dali Decals


I haven’t seen this done as often, but it could be a really interesting addition to a room’s decor. You can get tapestries in all different sizes, and all you have to do is hang them. Only a couple easy-to-patch holes in your walls will be left when you decide you want to switch it up.

Tie-Dye Bird Tapestry from Urban Outfitters

Magnetic Tiles

I first heard of Moonish on Design Sponge, and just thought these were so cool! Very unique, with  that touch of something handmade, and definitely not something you’ll see in all of your friends homes. I’m sort of dying for an excuse to snatch these up!

1977 from Moonish

The Victorian from Moonish


Personally this is my favorite option, but I suppose a lot of that has to do with how unfortunately textured our walls at home are. (Definitely not wallpaper friendly!) These are great for either whole walls or small sections. There are some beautiful designs out there, some that make you feel like you’re living in a forest, and others that mimic the most popular of design trends. And the best part is you can do these in any color you want since you get to pick the paint! (I’m right in the middle of painting the below birch trees in our house.)


Chinese Ginkgo Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils


Heritage Grill from Cutting Edge Stencils


Birch Forest from Cutting Edge Stencils

Skylar’s Lace Floral from Royal Design Studio

Have you been looking for a wallpaper alternative for your home? Which would you choose?