The Goat Can Knit

(aka Vanna White Makes Yarn: Part 2)


A few weeks ago, I wrote about starting back up an old knitting hobby. It had been quite a while since I had last done any knitting, and I told you I’d let you know how it went. Well, so far so good! I will admit it took a little practice, but once you get into a rhythm, it starts feeling easy and fun!


The first scarf I made with Vanna White’s yarn turned out pretty well. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, sometimes having to unravel a row or two in order to go back and try again. Plus, with this one I decided to worry less about it being perfect and more about learning from those mistakes. Sometimes I’d pick up an extra loop, or drop one. Once the scarf got long enough, I added the stripe of color after looping together the scarf instead of before hand, and that made the stripe of color turn out tighter than the rest of the scarf. But all in all, it looks good on and it’s still warm!

Once I had learned a few things and built up a little confidence in my knitting abilities, I decided to make another one. This one was a birthday present for my best friend on the east coast. (And they are about to get pummeled with snow, so I sent it to her just in time for her to bundle up with it!)


This time a chose a thicker yarn, part wool, because I knew she’d need the warmth more than I do here in California. I also chose a brighter color, because while I mentioned in Vanna White Makes Yarn that I’m an earth tone kind of gal, this friend is definitely a bright colors kind of gal. Plus, even though it’s still cold on the east coast, the first day of Spring is still right around the corner! For this scarf I still didn’t quite follow the exact pattern that inspired this whole project, but I was close, and it turned out great!


I will definitely be continuing to knit. I’ll probably try a couple more of the cowls until I get it just right, but since spring is coming I also want to experiment with some lighter projects. I want to get back into doing more crocheting too. So stay tuned, there may be more yarn projects in my future!

Do you have any fun projects in the works? I’d love to hear about it!


Vanna White Makes Yarn

Yarn from Vanna White's yarn line.

Yarn from Vanna White’s yarn line.

After reading a couple of posts about knitting on Design Sponge (one of my favorite design blogs!), I have recently become inspired to start a new knitting project! One of the Design Sponge posts was on knitting basics, and the second was a DIY post on how to make Danielle Henderson’s chunky cowl. I have knitted before but it’s been a while, so to get back into it I thought I’d start with a quick trip to Joann Fabric, which is easier said than done in L.A.! I have had terrible luck over the years finding a decent one in the area. Somehow they are always closed or practically pilfered by the time I arrive! So my solution last weekend was to make a stop at a Joann’s in Simi Valley on my way up to a friends house, with much success.

I picked out two colors of yarn for my cowl. I’m an earth-tone kind of gal, so I chose a soft brown colored yarn with little white, gray, and black speckles that give it a home-spun organic look, and a rusty red color for the accent on the cowl. Both are 75% wool and quite soft! Of course I didn’t notice until I got them home that they are part of Vanna White’s line of yarn and knitting products. (Who knew, she makes yarn!? Weird!)

Danielle Henderson’s design calls for 5 purl stitches (for the non-knitters out there, it’s kind of like a backwards stitch), then 15 knit stitches, followed by 5 more purls. As I got started, somehow I kept either adding or dropping stitches, no matter how meticulous I thought I was being! I do realize that practice makes perfect. But for the sake of getting a rhythm on my first back-at-knitting project, I decided to start out simple, with just straight knit stitches for the whole cowl. Success so far!

The beginnings of my cowl!

The beginnings of my cowl!

I’ll let you know how my cowl turns out. Wish me luck!

Have you started any fun knitting or crocheting projects lately? What do you find challenging about it?