This Week I Loved…

These quotes from my Color Theory class:

  • “Color is a basic need… Like fire and water, a raw material, indispensable to life.” – Fernand Leger
  • “Color belongs to our being, maybe each one has his own.” – Le Corbusier

A date night with the hubby and the best oysters ever at this place in Silverlake.


Our Turkish vase filled with flowers.

IMG_20130627_112748_804The pre-show before seeing Monsters University at the El Capitan.

1058230_10100525144333585_528788764_o 1061658_10100525170575995_1956893120_o

A great friend visiting from the East coast.

1019872_10100525292192275_1468413643_oDaydreaming about the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai141And this photo essay:

One thought on “This Week I Loved…

  1. There was a book I had long ago called something like “The Enjoyment and Use of Color.” That is not exactly right, but it is how I remember it. The title (or my title) opened up the idea for me that I can just enjoy color. Color does not need to be doing something (like matching a swatch, filling in space, or being color with a purpose) – color doesn’t have to be the right or wrong color – color can just be color and I can enjoy it. Color theory is essential for artists, but the enjoyment of color is a lifelong pleasure! Enjoy!

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