Top Vacation Photos: Turkey

Everywhere we went in Turkey was so beautiful and interesting, it would have been very difficult to take a bad photo. It was so hard to narrow these down, but this will give you a taste of some of the places we saw while we were there.

Note: I pre-wrote my blog posts for the weeks we were away, and so I didn’t have a chance to mention the protests going on in Istanbul while we were there. Between what was likely sensationalized news and the travel advisory issued by the US, we heard of many, many people cancelling their plans to visit Istanbul. It’s such a shame, they missed out on experiencing an incredible city! We generally stayed away from Taksim Square, the area where the majority of the protests were, but we were only staying about a mile or two from it and never ran into any trouble. All protests we encountered were peaceful, and we never felt in danger. In fact, in the heightened energy of the city it was kind of exciting to be there during this time! I understand that in recent days the prime minister has indicated that the police will be instructed to take more physical action against these protesters if they do not back off. I hope that the people are able to accomplish what they are after in their intended peaceful manner without any further injuries. Good luck to anyone fighting for this cause in Istanbul.

After a few days in Istanbul we moved to Cappadocia, which was otherworldly. It was so beautiful, relaxing, and the people were wonderful. In fact Uchisar, the village we stayed in, was not unlike a village you might see on the Mediterranean… just without the ocean. We’re already dying to go back!

Here are some of my favorite photos from Turkey. Enjoy!


We wandered through this otherwise tourist free side street on our way to the Sulemaniye Mosque. (Istanbul)


A sunset view of the Sulemaniye Mosque from a boat tour of the Bosphorous. (Istanbul)


Tempting floral teas for sale in the Spice Bazaar. (Istanbul)


A Turkish Coffee break while deciding what to see next. (Istanbul)


The Basilica Cistern, built by the romans to store the city’s water. (Istanbul)


A woman posed for us in her window on a little-traveled side street away from the tourist attractions. (Istanbul)


A peak at the Hagia Sophia, built in the 5th century as a church then converted to a mosque in the 1400’s. Now it is a museum for all to enjoy. (Istanbul)


A peaceful march, protesting Turkey’s prime minister. (Istanbul)


Hot air balloon ride over the valleys of Cappadocia. (Uchisar)


The village of Uchisar, one of many towns in Cappadocia with hundreds of homes created by digging caves into the sides of the mountains. Some of them are abandoned, but many still serve as homes, or have been converted into cave hotels like the one we stayed in. (Uchisar)

3 thoughts on “Top Vacation Photos: Turkey

  1. You really did a beautiful job with the photos! Yes, I read it was hard to take a bad picture, but you are a very good photographer. Thanks for all the inspiring pics!

  2. Istanbul is on my bucket list of places to go before I die. I have been fortunate to have seen many of the wonders of the world, but the Hagia Sophia and the pyramids and Ankor Wat are the three things I most want to see.

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