Today We Are In: Istanbul

At this point in our travels, we have been in Istanbul since Monday morning, with our friends from Abu Dhabi in tow. This is the first time we’ve traveled with friends, and we’re really looking forward to all that there is to discover about each other and our new surroundings! None of us have ever been to Turkey, so there will be a lot to pack in!

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and straddles the Bosphorus. This means that Turkey and the city of Istanbul also straddle two continents, Europe and Asia (which encompasses the Middle East). It is a melting-pot city, where many different people from all cultures live together.

Aside from the plethora of incredibly old historical sites to see (some are many centuries old), we’re also looking forward to starting our mornings with Turkish coffee, which even here in the US is so thick it’s almost like drinking motor oil, yet it’s delightfully sweet. Also highly caffeinated!

We’re also looking forward to visiting the spice bazaar, among the many other markets we hope to discover, and eating some delicious foods, the likes of which we surely have never tried before!

And we’re taking on luxurious morning on this trip to visit a traditional Turkish bath, called a hamam. I think this experience will take our previous knowledge of a day spa to a new level!

What would you most like to see in Istanbul?

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