LCDQ Legends 2013: Kelly Wearstler

Last week at La Cienega Design Quarter’s annual Legends event, I went with a friend to Kelly Wearstler‘s storefront for her book signing. The store is in the high-end stretch of Melrose, only a short walk from her design studio, and was filled with all sorts of wonderful things. Here she mainly sells clothing, jewelry and sculptures. They also had a bunch of her books for sale that day, so if you hadn’t come prepared with one you already owned, you were able to pick one up then for her to sign.

In my efforts to stick to a budget, I just asked to take a picture with her. I told her I’m a design student and that I was excited to be in her store for the first time. She seemed pleased that my friend and I had stopped in to check it out. It was very cool to see her in such a casual, nonchalant¬†state, as opposed to being all dolled up for a photo shoot.


If you don’t know much about her, Kelly Wearstler has very quickly built an impressive brand and a very recognizable style. She is responsible for several of the Viceroy hotels, including the one in Santa Monica. They are hip and young, colorful, but also classy. I’m not a big party girl, but even for me hanging out in the bar at the Santa Monica Viceroy makes me feel glamorous!

I love the way she uses bold patterns and sculpture, making the room it’s own piece of artwork.

Bright colors and gold accents make this space feel glamorous, young, and energizing.

Kelly Wearstler has a bunch of books, including her latest “Rhapsody,” and all are a delight to page through.

Do you follow Kelly Wearstler? What do you think of her style?

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