Searching for Treasure at the Pasadena City College Flea Market

This past Sunday, I went with a friend to Pasadena to check out the flea market at Pasadena City College. My experience with flea markets is usually that if you’re looking for one thing in particular, you probably won’t find it. So this time, I went with a list of things in mind that I’d like to find for the house (bedside tables, an accent chair, a rug, and a lamp), but I also went with an open mind, hoping that some lucky antique might find me instead.

Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College

This flea market set up was unique in that it was spread across campus in three sections, rather than being all contained in one area. At first I thought this was a little weird, but in retrospect my friend and I realized that it was a great way to disperse the crowds as people walked from one section to the next. I also really liked the reprieve from looking at so much stuff! By the time you get to the next section, your eyes feel refreshed and ready for the next round of rummaging!

One section of the flea market.

One section of the flea market.

All in all, I thought it was a great flea market! There was a fantastic variety of vendors, ranging from antique and furniture sellers, to comic book dealers, vinyl records, costume jewelry, clothing. And since this is a lesser traveled flea market than say the Rose Bowl flea market (very popular among us Angelenos), the prices are generally lower.

001 (3)

comic books galore

an old bicycle for sale

an old bicycle for sale

Signs, furniture, and rugs all in one place!

Street signs, furniture, chandeliers, rugs, and even drums at this vendor!

I nearly picked up this chair for $75, before I realized that it would go with nothing in my house! But given the right space, and maybe even the time and know-how to re-upholster this baby, it could make for an awesome conversation piece!

I want this chair!

This chair has awesome potential!

My favorite find of the whole day was this incredible antique industrial sewing machine! I saw lots of looky-loos meandering around it from one side to the other, investigating it’s inner workings. Clearly this wouldn’t be a good bedside table or accent chair, but if I had a storefront (a la Anthropologie) to display it in, I would have been excited to snatch it up!

Antique Industrial Sewing Machine

Antique Industrial Sewing Machine

Instead, I did find a couple of decorative gems. Not the pieces I was hoping to find exactly, but I love them all the same! I thought this vintage metal motorcycle sign would be a fun addition to our home. It’s the right yellow to act as an accent to our new ginkgo-inspired rug. Plus, it reminds me of my dad, who was a great admirer of vintage motorcycles!

Vintage Metal Sign

Vintage Metal Sign

I also picked up this lovely arrangement of succulents in a bed of salvaged wood almost the exact same color as the reclaimed wood used in our dining room table. I love having plants like this in the house, bringing a little bit of nature and life inside (and perhaps also reminding us to spend some time outdoors!)

My own little succulent garden.

My own little succulent garden.

What’s your favorite flea market find? What kinds of things do you look for when you go to a flea market?


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